How to sell my digital work here ?

Publishing Rules

It is not a rocket science, just follow the below rules and guidelines.

Rules Book

Rule No 1

To participate in any type of activity with, you must be +18 years of your age and a registered user, there are three types of accounts, first one is a customer account, second is for sellers/contributors and the third one is for affiliate partners.

Rule No 2 - For Customers

You must be +18 Years of your age to create a customer account, the customers who already created or wish to create its own account or has already created it in order to use the service under this Agreement and was assigned “Сustomer/Subscriber” status pursuant to this Agreement.

Rule No 3 - For Sellers

You must be +18 years of your age to create a seller account with a valid bank account number, address proof, photo proof and the tax identification number for the payment withdrawal purpose only.

You are solely responsible for the content publishing like 3d models, maps, textures and other helping items to create any graphical, digital and any 3d presentation to sell on our network. You are not authorised to sell someone else work, artwork and graphic images, etc in any form without their prior reuse or reselling permission.

If we found any term and conditions breaching by any seller/seller’s so your account and services will be stopped/banned from our portal and all the pending or upcoming withdrawal will be cancelled without any notice.


If you already published your work on other digital marketplaces so provide us your profile link to validate your uploaded products on our platform. It may help you to grant easy approval while checking the quality of your products as compared to others or new publishers. You may share your profile links from the contact us page and we’ll assign your profile as an express publisher for internal work use only.


We will introduce further/future rules and guidelines time-to-time to make this website more trustworthy, lawful, legal and user friendly for everyone inside/outside of this marketplace.

Rule No 4 - For Affiliate Partners

First, you must follow rule number 1.


As an affiliate partner, you are free to publish/share your referral links anywhere, by any form like banners, display and popup ads, social link share, Whatsapp message, own website, third-party websites like YouTube/Facebook, etc, you are also free to buy any product from our marketplace by using your own referral links till the next announcement/guideline.


Our customers and the sellers are our preference, you just need to help our contributors/sellers to increase their sales and share the lowest price 3d models/digital products to the buyers all around the globe and earn the commission.


Affiliate partners must comply with the minimum payment withdrawal threshold which is five thousand Indian rupees, you may use your earned commission to buy any digital product from our portal but after the admin approvals. If you want to withdraw your earned commission amount from our marketplace to your associated payment method will be paid by on chargeable admin fees basis of eight per cent of the withdrawal amount, once we transfer your remaining commission to your linked account you will be responsible for any further money conversion charges/bank commission/country or state taxes, etc.


We will introduce further/future rules and guidelines time-to-time to make this website more trustworthy, lawful, legal and user friendly for everyone inside/outside of this marketplace.

How to write a post

1. Product Image Guidelines.

Your product and feature image size must not be larger than 600 pixels on medium quality with high compression value(File size not more then 100 KB). The product should be centralized with a white background, no logos and user name allowed on images.

Custom sizes sofa by A RUDIN 2

2. Product Archive and Contents.

  • Your product archive must be highly compressed by using 7-Zip on Ultra Compression settings.
  • Archive-name must be clear and followed by the same pattern as mentioned in the below image “Product Name 3d Model.7z”

3. let's go to the vendor/contributor/seller dashboard.

  • Go to the My Account at the top right corner and select customer/vendor account.
  • If you are using customer dashboard so you can see the page like below and click on the Seller Dashboard button.
  • Once you enter the seller dashboard, it must be looks like below image.
  • Now click on the Products button as marked in the below image.
  • Now a new page will open and you can see the “Add new product” button on the right side, which is marked in the red rectangle.
  • Once you click on the “Add new product” button, a new popup screen comes in front of you.
  • Now fill all the required information which is marked in red text, in the below image.
  • Select price from the PRICE SLAB or admin will correct as per your product standard.
  • Fill your product details as filled in the below image and click on the create product.
  • Now the final page will open and check the Downloadable button as mentioned in the 9th point.
  • Fill the product description as mentioned in the 10th point.
  • Now click on ADD FILE button and the option will expand, now you have two choices, first, one click on the “Choose file” and upload your file, Second, paste your google drive link of the product archive.
  • The 13th Purchase note is optional if you want to share any information about the product with your customers.
  • At the last, just save product to review and publish your product.